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New album, “Black Dream”, is out

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

The greatest dream every black man has is to own something. The album is just that: Black Dream. Buy the album online.

Hip Hop album by Flashcruise and Hactor
Black Dream Album

The album is here, Hord Inc. Studios assures you that Black Dream is the hit album from the two artists: Flashcruise & Hacktor. The album is a collaboration between the two, you can call it a lyrical competition, we call it HIP HOP at its best. The drums, guitar, and the hip hop beats on this album are fantastic. This is the new rap album release you need for your sound system.

“Do you have best speakers and wanna make them shake like a stripper go? Drinking and Drive will do just that. Tired or the politics? Armageddon talks just that. You fell inlove with ex? Don't Forget About Us and many more!!

The video above is the official music video to the song Drinking & Driving from the album. Be advised, do not drink and drive.

We made it with love and soul, enjoy the stew we cooked for you, enjoy the Black Dream.

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