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2015 December Live Show

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

2015 was lit with happiness when Flashcruise, SoultyBoiBeats, Hacktor, and K-Yung hosted a live show.

Hord Inc. Studios: Hacktor and Flashcruise

The show was filled with people, over 1000 people showed up. lined up of MCs and house music artists. what a fun way of celebrating december holidays. Thabiso Cornet Mamabolo AKA Tbose was the main MC for the show and the likes of Dr Malinga showed up. What a night. Flashcruise and his team managed to show up and perform at 4:20 A.M in the morning. Now that is dedication.

Hord Inc Studios: Flashcruise and K-Yung

Let the speakers bleed, K-Yung and Flash performing live at Marapong with nice LED lights.

The crowd presence at the event Hord Inc. Studios was part of.
Crowd and Stage

The picture above show the crowed we had for the show we were part of, it was great time indeed. the video below is a snip performance from Flashcruise, K-Yung, SoultyBoiBeats, and Hacktor.

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